Jaquish Dukelow Memorial Cancer Research Guild

What is a guild?  A guild is a group of friends joined together by a common cause.  In our case, to find a cure to prevent, treat, and eradicate brain tumors, altogether.  We are a “special interest” guild which means ALL funds we raise go directly to supporting brain tumor research.

 The Jordyn Dukelow Memorial Guild was founded in 1999 when friends approached Jordyn’s parents, Chris & Jana Dukelow, with the idea of starting a guild at Seattle Children’s Hospital, in Jordyn’s memory.  Jordyn lost her battle with cancer just before her 5th Birthday, two years after her brain tumor diagnosis.

 Ten years later, Kristen Jaquish, a founding guild member, lost her seven year battle with breast cancer that spread to her brain.  Our guild name was then changed to Jaquish Dukelow Memorial Cancer Research Guild in honor of Kristen’s dedication to the guild.

 Today our Guild has over 50 Members and is ranked in the Top 25 out of approximately 400 fundraising Guilds.   Our founding guild members are: Jim & Kristen Jaquish, Gina Meyers, John & Heather Steach, Sheree Collins and Chris & Jana Dukelow.

 Funds raised by our guild throughout the year directly support the research of Dr. Jim Olson at the Olson Neuro-Oncology Research lab at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. This lab, in conjunction with the Brain Tumor Research Program at Seattle Children’s Hospital, is striving to increase the survival and quality of life of children with brain tumors.

 Our goal is simple: to raise money for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research at Seattle Children’s Hospital.